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Our Products

JOFFEX is dedicated to manufacturing high quality and durable equipment


Fire Extinguishers

• Powder Extinguishers ( Mobile , portable and automatic )
• CO2 extinguishers ( Mobile and Portable )
• Foam Extinguishers ( Mobile and portable)
• Water Extinguishers ( Mobile and portable) 


Fire Fighting Pump Sets

JOFFEX brings years of experience to the industry in manufacturing fire fighting pumps. JOFFEX provides pumps to all project types in accordance with international safety standards. Our pumps are designed and manufactured to meet the NFPA 20 standard which enable it to fight fires of any scale. Our range of pumps includes:
• End Suction
• Horizontal Split
• Vertical turbine (with Electrical, diesel or jockey controllers) Our advantages:
• Corrosion resistance
• Premium quality engine construction


Cabinets, Fire Hoses and Hose Reel Cabinets

JOFFEX Cabinets have an attractive and compact design with international quality standards, it can be recessed or wall mounted with architrave and 180 degree swinging action doors for both mild steel and stainless steel finish.

Fire Hose:
JOFFEX fire hoses are designed and manufactured to ensure the flow of water at high pressure and allowing maximum flexibility during use while enduring a range of water temperatures.

Hose Reels:
JOFFEX Hose reel is LPCB certified and approved, and is made and inspected under high standards according to NFPA requirements. Our cabinets include:
• LandingValve Uses - Siamese connections
• Hose reel ( Manual & Automatic)
• Fire hoses and Hose Racks
• Extinguishers
• Foam proportional cabinets 


Fire Resistance Doors

JOFFEX partnered with one of the leading regional manufacturers of doors to supply Fire Rated Doors in accordance with international standards. JOFFEX fire rated doors are UL, PM Trade and LPCB certified and are available in a variety of configurations and vision panels.
Our fire rated door sets include: 

• Ball Bearing Hinges: Stainless Steel Ball Bearing type hinges
• Door Closer tested on fire door assembling in accordance with International Standard.
• Adjustable closing speeds and latch action adjustable. Non-handed, with slide channel.
• Architectural Euro profile locks.
• Stainless Steel Flush bolt manual type. 


Automatic Suppression System

JOFFEX provides two types of Automatic Fire Suppression
Systems: engineered and pre-engineered systems.
Our fire suppression systems’ designs and equipment provide
our clients with the latest technology of fire safety to control and extinguish fires without human intervention. According to our clients needs, we supply fire sprinkler system, gaseous fire suppression and condensed aerosol fire suppression. 


Sprinklers, Foam Network, Valves, Fittings and Couplings

Fire sprinkler heads - pendent, upright, conventional, concealed, flush, sidewall and residential.
Flexible fire sprinkler hose connections - braided and unbraided hose,
plus a full range of inlet / outlet connections.
Alarm and control valves - wet, dry, deluge and pre-action with both flanged and grooved connections.
Mechanical service valves - OS&Y gate, PIV, butterfly, ball, globe with threaded, flanged and grooved connections.
Pipe support and connection - grooved, threaded and press fit connections.
Pump house equipment - flow meters, test and drain valves, zone assemblies, flow and pressure switches.
Special risk products - foam concentrates,foam storage,proportioning
equipment, foam discharge devices, MV and HV nozzles. 


Clean Agent Suppression Systems

HFC-227ea (heptaflauoropropane)
This agent is known to be one of the fastest fire suppressants as it
diffuses the spread of combustible, electrical and flammable liquids. Moreover, this agent is safely discharged in the presence of poeple and requires less storage space than other gaseous agents.

Fire Protection Fluid (Fluorinated Ketone)
The replacement of the former gas suppression agent Halon that
has been formulated as a environment friendly fire suppression agent.The agent is stored as a liquid and discharged as a gas is useful for use in facilities such as banks, hospitals and museums.

CO2 Fire Suppression System
CO2 fire suppression system is extremely versatile and effective on a wide range of flammable and combustible materials and approved for Class A, B and C hazard, and available for use in total flooding or local fire protection applications – making it an effective fire protection system for a wide variety of hazards.

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System
Wet Chemical Systems use wet agents to suppress commercial cooking fires. This liquid fire suppression system is effective as
it sprays burning surfaces and quickly reacts with fats and oils to produce a cooling foam to prevent the re-igniting of a fire. 


Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Control Panels

• Conventional
• Addressable 

Fire Alarm Devices

• Voice Evacuation
• Emergency and exit lightings and signage
• Manual Call Point
• Smoke (particulate and aerosol)
• Heat
• Light Radiation
• Thermal Detectors
• Flame Detectors
• Smoke Detectors
• Fire-gas Detectors
• Beam Detectors
• Other Detectors


Foam Proportional & DifferentTypes Monitors

Our Brass fire fighting monitors (water cannons) are designed
and tested to provide the finest water flow appliances integrating the latest technology. Our expanded line offers a wide variety
of monitors from small to big flow from portable to apparatus- mounted to fixed site systems. Whatever the application, JOFFEX has your solution. Browse the selection below of brass, pyrolite, stainless steel, electric fire fighting monitors and water cannons. 

A fully sealed integrated electrical control system with waterproof locking connectors from all motors, power and control connections to withstand harsh environments often seen in Wild land fire fighting conditions.The high speed motors of this monitor provide proportional speed control for pinpoint stream positioning and accuracy.With a wide range of available nozzles, fire monitor is ideal for use in water, foam and CAFS applications.


Bladder Tanks & Hydrants

Bladder tanks

Wet and dry riser products:
• LandingValves
• Breeching Inlet Connections
• Cabinets
• Switches 


Fire Hydrants:
• BS750 - Wet and Dry Barrel

 Special Risk Products:
• Foam Concentrates
• Foam Storage
• Proportioning Equipment
• Foam Discharge Devices
• MV and HV Nozzles 


Fire Fighting Tools

a wide variety of tools and equipment

- Entry Suits
- Near Fire Suit
- Gloves
- Helmets
- Breathing Apparatus
- Ambulance Stretcher

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